Friday, August 24, 2012

let here be light

is it a crime not to protest a crime? the answer is yes, and it essentially makes everyone of us criminals of sorts for silently permitting the massive crimes being committed by our politicians, law makers, armed forces, media, and corporations.

while the above statement maybe a slight exaggeration, it is not entirely wrong because the karma created by the crimes committed is

worn by all of us. as sovereign beings, which means "beings with freewill", it is our responsibility to know the extreme value of the freedom we possess, and accordingly, not allowing others to infringe on our freedom is essentially our divine duty. unfortunately, we have collectively failed to perform this duty as the human race, and it is only recently, and only a minority has awakened to this awareness, while the majority is still running amok clueless. this needs to change fast.

it's funny, but even today, even fairly intelligent people pretend to question the existence of aliens, while more than sufficient documentation is available (despite the disinfo) in the public domain to convince anyone beyond any shadow of doubt that not only do alien species exist, but they have made treaties with the govts of various countries, crossbred with humans, and have been actively participating to manipulate the fate of humanity as a whole. moreover, it is now becoming clear that we humans are aliens of sorts ourselves since we originally came from somewhere else as well, a fact that has been hidden from us, along with many others, for a long time.

as many of us know, towards the end of the second world war, in 1943, something very interesting happened with a military/naval experiment known as the philadelphia experiment (another name: the rainbow project) where it is said that the technology invented by nikola tesla were applied on a battleship named uss eldridge in order to attain invisibility. however, the experiment went haywire with human casualties, and an "accidental" time portal was created 40 years into the future (1983), which transported the entire ship and her crew into the future and back with a good amount of drama in between.

now this philadelphia experiment is tied with another experiment called the montauk project where it is said that they were experimenting with a chair that had been taken out of one of the spacecrafts that had crashed at roswell in 1947 which was essentially a mind amplifier. three key people: preston the engineer, duncan the psychic, and albielek the time traveler accomplished many feats with essentially the same technology that uses human psychosexuality to create alternate realities, time portals, teleportation, mind control, telepathy, and manifestation of physical and biological entities (they manifested a 30 foot sasquatch once in an to attempt to stop the research) using duncan's subconscious mind.

while all this was going on working side by side with aliens, the human counterparts failed to understand the deeper alien agenda with the whole experiment. the portals created by the technology were used to bypass the earth quarantine and a large army of highly negative draco-reptilian-greys were downloaded onto earth from far away places which pronounced yet another even more darker era of humanity's enslavement by the aliens.

in other words, while the national security agencies thought they got the dream weapons they wanted, namely, mind control, telepathy, stealth, invisibility, and time travel, in actuality they assisted the aliens to gain further control of humanity on planet earth.

understandably, all this is too science fiction and hollywood for our mind controlled, fake religion abiding, money worshiping, mainstream swallowing, brainwashed populace to take seriously. they neither verify nor accept the truth. hopefully the extreme focusing of light from the galactic allies will soon crack the thick crust of ignorance that we are indulging in. humanity is expected to awaken to its multidimensional awareness by or before the end of this year. so be it. let the rothschild cabal fade into oblivion along with the rest of the oligarchic minions.

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