Friday, August 24, 2012

lalon song #4 (forgive my sin) by Lalon Shah translated from bangla

by Neel Akash on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 1:20am ·
Look down upon me o my lord
in this predicament
i call you time and time again, my lord
forgive my sin ~

within your power I reside
you do to me whatever you like
thru thick or thin i abide
all over your kingdom my lord
forgive my sin ~

crossing over the sinners' shame
“fallen wind” we hear the name
truth or lies we learn the game
cross me to the other side o lord
forgive my sin ~

you find reasons to crush me down
then you make me wear the crown
lalon says in this cosmic town
am I not anyone to you, o lord?
forgive my sin ~

(the original bangla song by lalon)

Daasher pane akbar fire chao doyamoy
Boro shonkote poriya doyal barebar daki
khomo oporadh ~

tomari khomotay ami
ja icchha tai koro tumi
rakho maro shey nam nami
tomari a jogotmoy, khomo
khomo oporadh ~

papi odhom toraite shai
potit pobon nam shunite pai
shotto mittha janbo hethai
toraite aj amay, khomo
khomo oporadh ~

koshur peye maro jare
abar doya hoy ki tare
lalon bole a shongshare
ami ki tor kehoi noy, khomo
khomo oporadh ~

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