Friday, August 24, 2012

jokhon prothom dhorechhe koli, amar mollikabone (i can't translate that)

by Neel Akash on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 10:32am ·
next to the girl i married i was this morning after an insomniac night, the room was lit on the sixth floor when the nightingale sang and made me think of the king. then later on, i woke up with that song on the title on my mind, and my friend shimul who's been egging me to write in bangla, a big fan of rabindranath thakur, made me realize how many people around us might already be living in the higher dimensions regardless of their appearance.

but i was more occupied with the queen and her deceptions. even the president of the united states is her obedient servant and when we think we buy property we actually take a lease without knowing because as the slaves of the queen, none of us are authorized to own property.

and so that's how it's been, and only about now the truth is slowly seeping in towards the public awareness. the very constitution of the usa is in reality a contract made by criminals to protect themselves against one another and it has nothing to do with protecting the rights of humanity or the public. they just gave it a name to make it sound as if it is so. it's quite hard to believe that we have been fooled so easily.

while my friends in the development sector are enthused to serve the country, i am thinking of the connection between charity and money laundering. and that the bottom of the bucket must be attached first before we start pouring the water, but whose got time to do it right when everyone's so starved?

are the people of bangladesh, paying close to a hundred taka to the dollar, aware that the dollar is fiat? that many countries are now refusing to take the paper money without value from the usa? that incredibly massive changes in the economy are about to burst upon us? that there are oceans of gold on earth which will be distributed evenly among all the people of the world very soon? can we wrap our heads around this?

so let's crack this open my friends. 2012 is the year of the shift and let's adjust our individual minds to this shift because after all, we are making this happen. our govts, our law, our armies, our big corporations, our politics, our economy, our living standards, even the dimension we live in now is on the verge of changing. so let's get our feet wet. let's open our eyes full, let's crack open our hearts, we are upon a new paradigm.

humanity is teetering to join the galactic civilization of which we knew nothing all this time. we have been kept in the dark by the very people we trusted: our govts. but now the veil has thinned and almost gone. we can no longer postpone our awakening.

so if we are interested in serving the public, in creating a sustainable economy for every last person in the country, then we must step back from what we have been doing all along. this is because in light of the truth that has come out, everything is changed. nothing we have been doing boosted us out of being the poorest, the most corrupt country in the world. and this is because we didn't know any better.

we now know that the un, the imf, and other similar monstrosities have been conspiring to sustain our poverty in a systematic manner through a grand deception. it is no longer customary to turn a blind eye to this fact due to our hungry stomachs. this is because we are now going through a planetary awakening where everything unfair, unjust, and deceptive will be no more. it is time for everyone to sign up to this movement.

the grand deception we speak of is in reality much more menacing and overwhelming than what we might suspect in our wildest fantasies. we can summarize by saying that our govts, the banks, the media, the big corporations, our laws, and our education systems have been compromised to create an illusory matrix of fog around us in order for us to be perfectly unable to differentiate between right and wrong.

there's an avalanche of information out there that is staggering and yet we must somehow assimilate it. armed with this new awakening, we become like soldiers in the dark of the night wearing night vision goggles. the whole battlefield takes on a new form because for the first time in our lives, we can see exactly what is it we are fighting.

the nightingale has sung. morning has broken. wake up friends and foes. we are all in this together. we are all one.

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