Friday, August 24, 2012

don't want me

by Neel Akash on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 7:29am ·
don't call me a coward
because i can no longer ask
or call me a liar because i
see you eye to eye

don't call me a vegetable because i am dead
that i only look now and say things and walk around

don't put to shame, this decrepit
mistaken soul that remains
opening and closing doors

not so haggard when i shave, after all
sit with my back straight for a minute
what have i crossed, thirties, forties, fifties?

call me a lover, instead, 'cause i am still here
a bad boy with truant eyes and shaky fingers
if you could see the colors i dream

heavy and wisdom, yes tired
very very tired, still that blue sea
and a bright windy sky behind gulls and cloud

crisp as a sunshine
you're still new in my mind
timeless and eternal
there's that hidden return

a reincarnation of your eyes
that smile that tangles me around
a bird of prey, far away

don't call me forgotten
these pores
be it cross country or cosmos
they remember or remain

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