Friday, August 24, 2012

counting daisies in the galactic land of light

it's been a while that i have been writing status messages on facebook, and it so happens that in retrospect they always lack the luster, the height i seek, yet there's a sense of escape for me in these words, and i am always grateful for the movement that takes place. it's truly a miracle that some person i might hardly know would care enough to take the time to read the words and resonate with the emotions. it takes away one's loneliness. there is that clear feeling that there exist those who can forgive my flaws and my shortcomings, and find something of value in my pains and lessons. that sense of understanding and forgiveness is highly precious and comforting.

it took me a lifetime of struggle to realize that each individual is infinitely different and unique in their thoughts and consciousness, but most people don't know this. we tend to expect others to be more or less photocopies of ourselves. most people are thoroughly insensitive when they quite directly and rudely ask people to "get in line" with them and when they do this, they are not aware of what they are doing.

but i am not here to write how insensitive most people are, even though that is exactly what is on my mind. possibly there is that balanced state of mind where you can at the same time be yourself and still jibe with what is expected of you by others, no problem. but i have always flunked that test myself. chastised, i would resort to writing words, and that has been a long standing pattern.

a friend of mine just passed away and it makes me realize that i have entered that specific age group. this particular fellow was popular with the ladies and men. he was a good looking, good, funny company. and i intend to communicate with him. i have a few questions to ask regarding his ascension.

as a writer one must feel the regard for one's reader, i am being told. give as many gifts as you can because these words are all you have. so what i will do is tell you about oneness the way i have been rehearsing in my sleep last night. here's how i thought about it:

just as i was about to write on oneness, someone came over almost as an omen. all of my concentration and energy dispersed as my mind entered a kind of emptiness. my mother, the maid, myself, and our maiden guest - the four of us created a highly chaotic and disjoint field of energy that made me painfully aware of the madness of a reality that we all exist in at all times. the withholding of love, the absence of care, compassion, and understanding for one another amplified into a suffocation. i got dressed and saw my guest off to the street because my mother refused to treat her for lunch.

there is a kind of oneness between the oligarchy of the cabal and their slaves; they essentially believe in the same selfish paradigm, only the slaves die hoping to become a master someday which hardly ever happens. though a good amount of ill gotten wealth often give the slaves a false sense of triumph and freedom that the other slaves die dreaming of. hence the talk of breaking the matrix of greed does not make much sense to this group. they don't see any reason for the existence of aliens, angels, archangels, faeries, galactics, extradimensional light beings, or ufos. to them these things belong to the domain of the drug abusing crackpots.

the money based hierarchical, master-slave cabalic matrix goes hand in hand with the false religions that are designed to create a separation between the slaves and the source which is the prime creator. essentially, these religions distract the people from their multidimensional aspect. detached from source and one another, the slaves essentially plunge into a relentless, loveless rat race of competition against one another which feeds the master-slave matrix of fear based duality creating an inescapable trap for everyone.

what is stated above is crystal clear to the awakened ones; to others, it's cryptic mumbo jumbo. how these two groups will eventually merge, would probably be a sight to behold.

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