Friday, August 24, 2012

been so long

by Neel Akash on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 12:35am ·
you see i have got to sing this song
sometimes i feel i have been done wrong
i don't know if it's you or me
all i can tell is it's been too long ~

yes i walked up the ladder
i have fallen from grace
gotten blind and asunder
then got back my pace
i have been weak, then i have been strong
but it's just been so long ~

friends and foe i mixed them up all
some of them kept quiet, waiting for my fall
others gently came and held my hand
said look within for your promised land
i said tell me one thing, tell me where i belong
it's been so hard, it's been so long ~

now the time has come, the moment of truth
once again it's time to bite the forbidden fruit
let's forgive one another, together we stand tall
in peace and love we hear the call
open the door, let the light spread among
it's been too dark, it's been too long ~

so i've got to sing this song
maybe it's me who's done wrong
take me in your arms where i belong
it's been so sad, it's been so long ~

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