Sunday, August 26, 2012

a synopsis of our current transition


let's talk about the higher self. a thought occurred today that the higher self is in a way everything that is our life. essentially, everything is being facilitated by the higher self, after all, according to the soul plan or the purpose for our being here. by design, our ego is generally ignorant and impervious to our higher self, and consequently, likes to dictate the state of being in our third density reality on earth. therefore, one of our subtler goals of this lifetime is to manage the dichotomy of ego and the soul. 

think for a moment if there was no manipulation by the pranksters at all, what would we do? the same thing: eat drink and be merry! no? it is no coincidence that because of our ignorance created by the secrecy of the manipulators, most of us in one way or another proceeded to do just that: be happy. and then we ran into some issues of freedom. we thought we were being faced with natural obstacles but it turns out that we were not, that our miseries were being perpetrated and perpetuated deliberately and artificially by a clandestine group of dark controllers.

so the higher self is not a human being, let's be very clear. it's a higher state of awareness and being. think of swimming in water and walking on land; two distinct ways of being and behavior, but it is the same me operating in two ways. same is true for the higher self and i; same me, only in two different states of being. so if i am tired of swimming, naturally i would be looking for land which is my natural habitat. same situation with the higher self where i am more at home. however, there is a reason why i decided to get into the water, or why i chose to experience this reality on earth. once i have fulfilled my purpose for being here, i can possibly go back to land or my natural state of being as the higher self.

and it took us a while to figure out this much. but then, one may extend the idea one step further and ask, so is that it? higher self and me, only two states are all there is? hm, good question, eh? and the answer is no. but who is telling me all this? right now? myself. i am all there is after all. you who is reading? oh yes, you are certainly i. everything is one. it is kind of simple this way. but understand that this is just one way of looking at things, not necessarily the only way. we are at the same time one and the same, and also separate and not the same. what fun.

today i decided to give your religion a break. keep your religion the way it is, be it real or fake, let it be none of my concern. i know the kind of comfort and good feeling that is generated when one performs a religious rite on faith. so i am going to leave it alone because at this time what is more important is not one's religion but one's ethics. and i will explain why. 

we have been using the term "waking up" that is naturally being questioned by people as to what exactly it entails? there are several levels of it. one aspect of it is the realization that we as humanity are essentially slaves because we are paying for everything on this planet including the land we are born on. so we wake up to the fact that our govt, law, corporations, education, science, sports, media, everything is setup in such a manner that they keep us trapped in an artificial reality which is essentially a cage for humanity where we are being farmed and feasted on. 

another layer of awakening is the realization that there are off-world alien species on our planet who keep themselves hidden from the general public (even though our govts know and deal with them secretly) who control our govts and power centers to control the whole planet. whereas, a third layer of awakening has to do with knowing the self. knowing what i have stated at the beginning of this writing, which is essentially the understanding that we are immortal spiritual beings who are having a limited, mortal human experience in this reality.

the most important term for us to know and focus on at this time is ascension. it simply means getting up and out of the water onto the land, or in our case, escaping out of the three dimensional reality that we are seemingly "trapped in" and reverting back to our natural state of multidimensional existence with full awareness and memory of every single state or aspect of our existence at the same time. and this is what we are getting tremendous help with.

mother earth, who is a sentient being called gaia, is ascending to the fifth density along with all beings that exist upon her. this ascension is connected with the year 2012 because it is a natural cycle of evolution for us. however, what happened in the past two times of this cycle end was that our human civilization was destroyed by the off world manipulators so we could not evolve to the higher dimension. this time around however, the whole universe is on our side protecting us from every possible point of failure because one: we very highly deserve this, and two: because other planets and species' lives depend on our performance. everything being one, one thing in the universe affects another.

now let's understand this very clearly: in order to ascend, we need a lot of assistance from the galactic beings who can guide us through the process which is the normal way of things with ascension. however, in order for them to work with us directly, we must remove the control of the dark cabal who is currently preventing and hiding the presence of the galactic beings who are here to help us. the dark cabal will be removed when their corrupt banking system which is already crumbling to fall will actually crash and get replaced by a fair, gold backed currency banking system which is already stand by with over 140 nations subscribing to it.

and this is where our ethics and oneness must play a key role.

people from every single nation must come together with the understanding of what is going on with the ascension of the planet and humanity. we must understand that we are all going to ascend together and therefore we must seamlessly and nonviolently change over to the new banking system by every nation cooperating with one another in a kindly and friendly manner. this is the big challenge we are facing today.

understanding this overall scenario is what awakening generally means at this time. it is a broad picture to wrap our heads around but it can certainly be done and what's more, people need a lot of help understanding this because nowhere this can be found clearly and concisely explained so everyone can easily read and be on the same page. it could have been very easily done by the mainstream media had it not been under strict control of the dark forces. 

so there you have it. now a recommendation is being made for everyone to connect with their higher selves by going within through meditation. just spending some quiet time in nature will do just as good a job. please understand that each day many new energetic portals are being opened which essentially assist in raising the vibration of our consciousness which translates into us understanding more and more about ourselves and our environment. all we need to do is pay attention to the subtle changes that are taking place in our body, mind, and environment and we will intuitively know what is going on.

one last thing, it is important to improve our personal ethics and be of service to others as much as we can. this is a precondition to ascension. accessing higher vibration also means dropping the lower i.e. unethical practices. as our personal vibration increases, we automatically begin to see the wrongs that are being done to mother gaia; we become sensitive and aware of things that we were not before. this is a natural upgrade that is occurring among us. do take the time to see the improvements that either already has or will soon occur within your consciousness.

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