Saturday, August 25, 2012

a quietly time

    on a midsummer noon
    chewing gum man
    was crossing the hair bridge

while on the phone with me, reza was talking to his plumber because rats have eaten thru his waterline. we just finished talking about the libor scandal (london inter bank offered rate) in the us and uk. turns out, being a banker himself, he didn't know about the scandal and that the big banks were being sued all over the place. it was kind of in the middle of my telling him the story of the rothschild cabal swindling all the gold from china, india, and bengal during ww2 when he inadvertently disconnected. before that he did mention that china was strong enough to back a global currency because they had much of the world's iron and steel, too. good point, i thought.

china's gold backed currency

reza mentioned that the ceramic industry that was primarily selling to spain was already down 40% and the dollar was artificially being held at a high rate in order to save the garments industry. most of the country's earnings through tax, vat, stock market, remittance, and garments was being swallowed by the billions by awami political leaders which will only partially relent if they somehow find a way to stay in power another term which is unlikely. 

the fact that the people are dubious is a catch 22 because doubt is a form of fear. so if we are in doubt, that's exactly where the cabal wants us to be. but on the other hand, if we are optimistic, we run the risk of being da fool because after all, nothing good has ever happened in our lives, ever. consequently, people don't trust the st. germain fund, they don't trust that the white dragons are truly humanitarian, or anyone for that matter. they think this is the big chance for the russians, indians, chinese, and japs to finally over-trump the west and turn the tables. at least, this is what the cabal would like you to believe. however, this is not likely.

for me it was david wilcock among others that made it very obvious that the statue of liberty was actually a statue of isis, a female aspect of lucifer aka satan. the eiffel tower is nothing but a large obelisk, lucifer's lund (linga, phallus). the statue of david is in actuality apollo i.e. lucifer, and so on. these symbols are hidden in plain sight for the laugh, that the sleeping masses have no idea what is really what while everything is staring us in the face for thousands of years. so wake up kiddos, it's time to grow up a bit. it is the rothschilds and rockefellers all over the place with their draco-reptilian overlords worshiping yahweh or satan, we don't know exactly but it's not something good.

let the arcelormittal orbit at the london olympics be the final symbol of grotesqueness of the whole satanic-draco-rothschild global fascism that is about to be dismantled very soon.

most people are pissed off at obama, greg giles, and drake kent. and this is a strange aspect of the human mind, thanks to the hi-tech mind cotrol of the cabal. how about we assume tolec is right about the andromedans destroying the underground and undersea transmitters that broadcasted low frequencies to keep the people agitated and fearbound? honestly speaking, a few assumptions are necessary to keep our sanity, or else it would be impossible to deal with the madness of our situation that is still being revealed. the galactics had warned us: you will be angry, when you find out the extent of fornication against you by the cabal.

the muslims in my country are plain old anti-jew and anti-israel (they are not familiar with the term anti-semitic) but think about it, even if you are a jew, you still have been circumcised to have lost a good, major part of your sexual pleasure. so there's someone else conspiring against the jews too, cleverer than them, and more powerful. and you have been da fool to accept the notion that the foreskin causes any kind of hygiene issues whatsoever, it is a blatant lie. go double-check.

so what about the chewing gum man? that's an old "poem" that i wrote. as a kid i used to spend hours on making chewing gum figurines with spit. i say it is the cabal now making a mess on the hair bridge on a hot summer day.

i had lunch in the middle of my writing and i usually catch a bit of tv when i eat. a couple of minutes of bbc and cnn showed the the wtc shooting, a bit of assange with the helicopter shooting video (which surprised me), and then back to osama and the muslims.

there's a good amount of awakening taking place in the usa right now, and a good amount of energy work being done by the stellar beings. the reason the world govts had worked so hard to keep secret the existence of the extradimensional off world beings is because they knew very clearly that the knowledge of the galactic beings would immediately result in the end of world religions, which in turn would end their false control over humanity. excitingly enough, this is exactly what is taking place now. the cat is out of the bag. it is now only a question of how fast the masses catch up with this.

a good article has appeared in the 'veterans today' webpage recently showing israel's role in the 9/11 incident: "9/11 and zion" (click to read) which may be enlightening for some folks.

the last thought i would like to leave people with is regarding the idea of 'shiirk' in islam. islam makes a really big deal with the one god and nothing is worse in islam than shiirk which is asking help from anyone else but allah. contrarily, our galactic channeled messages are telling us that there are many beings who are so powerful that we would think them to be godlike if we met them in person. however, they are not claiming to be our gods, only caretakers, mentors, and sometimes playing the role of guardians since humanity is still taking baby steps as far as galactic communities are concerned.

personally i clearly know that these are very difficult truths for the muslims to accept and most people will not believe a word of it until an official disclosure is made. fortunately, there seems to be some word of hope coming from dr. steven greer who is evidently making a new film which is expected to finally give the issue a closure. here's the message from "dr. steven greer" (click to read).

peace and love.

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