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note on hathors

i had posted an article recently on hathors titled "sphere of all possibilities". when posting it, i kept on running into strange problems and it won't post. even after posting, that particular page refused to load for a while even though the other pages were loading fine. 

this morning, as soon as i started a communication with my higher self, i was told to take down the post. the reason being, hathors have recommended to focus on a lower chakra, namely the solar plexus chakra, manipura, which is not recommended at this time.

true advice right now is to focus on the heart and the higher chakras.

the manipura chakra is the center of will and strengthening the will is not a bad suggestion in general. however, i personally think that only focusing on this particular chakra will get us more stuck in duality.

however, i must admit i am no expert in this. so if anybody thinks i am wrong about it, please be kind enough to leave a comment. 

thank you.

p.s.: interestingly enough, there were no hits on that particular page either.

astrotheology (jordan maxwell) 2012

jordan maxwell and santos bonacci on astrotheology 07/07/2012

william cooper (1991 video)

behold a pale horse (1991)

synthetic quantum environments (sqe)


Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s

1980s CIA jump room program participants Bernard Mendez (left) and Andrew D. Basiago (right at microphone), with Alfred Lambremont Webre (center) moderating ExoUniversity seminar

Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, B.C. – A third whistle blower has confirmed that U.S. President Barack H. Obama was a participant in the CIA’s teleportation "jump room" program of the early 1980’s.

Bernard Mendez made this allegation during a seminar held in Vancouver, British Columbia on June 1st under the auspices of the B.C.-based

During the seminar, Mr. Mendez stated that he, Mr. Obama, former DARPA director Regina E. Dugan, Andrew D. Basiago, and William B. Stillings attended a jump room training class taught by Maj. Ed Dames at College of the Siskiyous in Summer 1980.

Bernard Mendez also stated that he teleported with Mr. Obama and Mr. Basiago in jumps that took place from 1981 to 1983, when Obama and Basiago were college students.

At the time, Mr. Mendez, who once served as a special assistant to President Richard M. Nixon, was investigating the jump room program for the US intelligence community.

On November 8, 2011, this reporter was the first to report revelations made by Basiago and Stillings that Obama served with them in the jump room program of the early 1980’s.

The two chrononauts then appeared on late night talk radio’s Coast-to-Coast AM with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, to discuss their involvement in the US secret space program.

Maj. Dames called the show to deny his involvement in the jump room program.

Then, in January 2012, through National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor, Mr. Obama also denied that he was part of the 1980-83 CIA jump room program. 

Mr. Mendez’ statements confirming the existence of the CIA’s jump room program and the roles played by Maj. Dames and Mr. Obama in it directly refute these denials.

Other jump room program participants identified by Mr. Mendez and Mr. Basiago, including Dugan [who is now an executive with Google], as well as a female program participant who is a member of a Presidential family, have neither confirmed nor denied their involvement in the CIA’s jump room program as of this writing.

Asked for comment on Obama’s silence in the face of confirmation of his participation by three jump room participants, Mr. Basiago stated, “President Obama campaigned for president pledging that his administration would be one of transparency.  He must now fulfill that promise and acknowledge that he served with us in the jump room program.”

1980-83 CIA jump room program

During the seminar, Mr. Mendez explained that his mission to evaluate the CIA’s jump room program originated from discrepancies being reported by the jump rooms on the U.S. east and west coasts, respectively. The east coast jump room was located in New York City, the west coast jump room in El Segundo, CA.

According to Mendez, the jump room technology had been transferred from a species of Grey extraterrestrials to the U.S. government. The west coast and east coast jump rooms were reporting up to 40 incidents of participant injuries per month occurring during jump room “teleportation” to unknown environments in space. Yet, several days after each teleportation jump, the reported injuries to participants had disappeared. 

Both the east coast and west coast CIA jump rooms experienced losing power at times when their control room in Ohio was reporting normal operation of both jump rooms.  The speculation was that the source of the jump room technology – Grey extraterrestrials – may have been covertly interfering with the functioning of the jump room teleportation technology, unbeknownst to control room operators in Ohio.

The U.S. government deployed Mr. Mendez, along with an evaluation team that included several prominent U.S. astronauts, to determine the causes of these discrepancies and determine the true destinations of the jump rooms.

Mr. Basiago and Mr. Stillings have confirmed that Mr. Mendez was both one of their fellow chrononauts taking jumps with them and a federal investigator whose primary function was investigating questions like where the jump rooms were going.

Synthetic Quantum Environments (SQEs)

Upon arriving at the jump room training class at College of the Siskiyous in 1980, Mr. Mendez debriefed Maj. Dames about his intelligence mission to evaluate the program. 

He then began a series of test jumps from the west coast jump room. On one such test jump he recalled teleporting with Mr. Obama and Mr. Basiago to a planetary environment in space that was initially thought might be the Mars they had been trained for.  Mr. Mendez recalls that when he had Mr. Obama shoot a flare at the sky, the flare bounced off a ceiling at about 62-foot in the sky, indicating that the three chrononauts had teleported to an artificial environment or domed enclosure of some kind.  The precise location of that enclosure was uncertain, and may have been either a dome on a celestial body, such as Mars, or a freestanding holographic creation in space.

Mr. Mendez determined after multiple jumps that the destination the jump rooms were reaching was not Mars.  Mars was out of position when most of the jumps took place. Its atmosphere was deficient in oxygen to sustain human life. Gravity on the surface was stronger than Mars’ gravity would have been. The temperature swings on Mars (from -175 F to +225 F) would have made surface visits not survivable. Mars' lack of an ionosphere would have led to the irradiation of the jumpers.

He concluded that the jump rooms were actually taking the program participants to a “synthetic quantum environment” or SQE, a term invented by Mr. Basiago to describe a fold in the time-space continuum in which the Grey extraterrestrials have established an “artificial holographic planetary domain.”

During the seminar, Mr. Basiago stated:

“According to Bernard Mendez, the jump rooms were not visiting Mars but "folds" in time-space created by the Grey extraterrestrials that the Apollo astronauts called “slots.”

“These ‘slots’ or niches in time-space contain synthetic quantum environments in which the Greys have stored event scenarios that have taken place at different times on different planets, including Earth and Mars.”

The jump room program resulted, Mendez explained, from an ET-human liaison project involving the Greys and the US government, in which the young Americans involved were selected by the Greys and then trained by the CIA.

“This astonishing revelation means that President Barack Obama is a contactee selected by the Grey extraterrestrials to participate in the secret space program,” Mr. Basiago commented.

New land in time-space

According to Mr. Mendez, the US government has identified 153 “synthetic quantum environments” constructed by the Greys in the near Earth environment ranging 400 miles from Earth, on the surface of the Earth, and beneath the surface of the Earth.

Because they contained new land that might be territorially acquired, the US government was actively discovering and exploring these SQEs with a view to making them part of the United States.

Mr. Mendez was tasked to negotiate with the Greys as part of his evaluation mission. During the negotiations, the Greys indicated that the system of “synthetic quantum environments” had been built by them for purposes of conditioning and educating humanity to be able to sustain a future role among organized intelligent civilizations in space and in the inter-dimensional multi-verse.

A chrononaut’s contrary view

In a panel discussion sponsored by held on June 2nd that included all three whistle blowers – Mendez, Basiago, and Stillings, Mr. Stillings shared his view that the destination the jump rooms were reaching was, in fact, Mars.

Mr. Stillings argued that the Martian moons Phobos and Demos could be seen in their proper locations and trajectories in the sky and that jumper Courtney M. Hunt once stated that the Viking 2 apparatus was about 20 miles away from the jump room infrastructure that the jumpers called “the Corkscrew” because of its spiral structure. These clues indicated that the jumpers were on the real Mars and not a simulation.

NASA cannot be relied on to provide accurate data about Mars, Stillings stated, citing the space agency’s claim that atmospheric pressure on Mars is only eight millibars. Such an atmospheric pressure would not have been sufficient to sustain parachute deployment of the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity to the surface.

A cosmic-level disclosure event

Mr. Basiago, who has spearheaded efforts to have America’s chrononauts come forward and share their experiences with the public, called Mr. Mendez’ account “a cosmic-level disclosure event.”

For his part, Mr. Basiago thinks that both Mr. Mendez and Mr. Stillings may both hold a key to the truth.  He thinks that since the origins and operation of the jump rooms were unknown, they might have sometimes been taking the jumpers to Mars, but at other times were being diverted by the Greys to synthetic quantum environments where human responses to the threshold of contact with the wider Universe were studied.

Mr. Basiago stated: 

“A third plausible explanation is that the CIA jump rooms, given to the United States by the Grey extraterrestrials, were devices that were sometimes being diverted by the Greys.  Sometimes we were visiting Mars, and other times the jump rooms were teleporting us to the kinds of micro-Universes that Bernard Mendez is describing.”

In support of this explanation, Mr. Basiago cited the fact that Grey observation of US activities in time-space was sometimes noted during time probes using US time travel technologies while he was serving on DARPA’s Project Pegasus as a child in the early 1970’s. 

He also cited the fact that power losses were being recorded during times when the jump rooms were ostensibly functioning normally.  This could be evidence that during operation, the Greys were diverting the jump rooms from Mars to elsewhere.

Mr. Basiago stated that since NASA has been lying about natural conditions on Mars, determining whether Mendez’ “elsewhere” interpretation of the CIA jump room program or Stillings' “Mars” interpretation is the correct one will hinge on official declassification.

Mr. Basiago observed:

“What we have now is three fellow jump room participants sharing their experiences… We were trained for Mars in Summer 1980 and the domain that we were visiting from 1981 to 1983 was certainly understood to be Mars. What we are grappling with now is Bernard’s claim that as the U.S. government investigator tasked to study the project he discovered that we were not visiting Mars but a… simulation of Mars architected by the Greys in a bubble Universe… That's a highly provocative claim, but since Bernard Mendez and Brett Stillings and I were project participants together, in the interests of truth, I have facilitated all three of us coming forward publicly and sharing our understanding of what we were part of… Even if it was not Mars that we were visiting, all three of us agree that it was an off-planet location in time-space.”

Obama as a time travel pre-identified CIA asset

Whistleblower Bernard Mendez' detailed testimony that Mr. Mendez not only participated in the 1980-83 CIA jump room program with Barack Obama, but engaged Mr. Obama in jump room experiments such as a flare experiment to determine the location the jump room technology was teleporting to, further bolsters emerging evidence that Barack H. Obama was involved at the early age of 19 in a highly classified, top priority U.S. national security project, and went on to be a life-long CIA asset or operative.

It is logical, then, that the Obama administration would use such a high-level asset as Tommy Vietor, official spokesperson of the National Security Council, to deny, on January 3, 2012, that Mr. Obama was a participant in the 1980s CIA jump room program.
The CIA jump room program, and its origin with a species of Grey extraterrestrials with whom the U.S. government has had an ongoing secret human-extraterrestrial liaison program, is of the highest national security to the U.S. government.

The CIA and U.S. national security apparatus surrounding U.S. President Barack Obama will do everything in its power during the 2012 election year to suppress evidence that (1) Mr. Obama was part of a secret teleportation jump room program using Grey extraterrestrial technology to reach synthetic quantum environments (SQEs), destinations architected by Grey extraterrestrials.
The CIA apparatus has been suppressing evidence that (2) Mr. Obama has been since 1980 a full time covert CIA operative, deployed to infiltrate, perform surveillance on and report back on community activist, Leftist, African nationalist, and Islamic circles.
The CIA apparatus has been suppressing evidence that (3) Mr. Obama was pre-identified in 1971 via quantum access time travel as a future U.S. President and essentially briefed and groomed for the job by CIA since 1980.

The subject matter of Barack Obama's identity as (1) a life-long CIA operative/asset and (2) pre-identified as a future U.S. President in 1971 by the CIA using DARPA time travel technology will be explored in a Sunday Sept 9, 2012 Forum, entitled: “Who is Barack Obama?: The Time Travel/Teleportation Connection” with Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre.



Preview version of Public Seminar: “Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA jump room program, including Barack Obama’s participation (1980-83)”



Credit version of Public Seminar: “Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA jump room program, including Barack Obama’s participation (1980-83)”


Sunday Sept 9, 2012 - Forum,
“Who is Barack Obama?: The Time Travel/Teleportation Connection”
with Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre

Copyright 2012 - This article is copyrighted by Alfred Lambremont Webre, all rights reserved.  This article may be freely reproduced on other websites, so long as a link to the original article is included in any excerpt. 


Thursday, August 30, 2012

mental alchemy

on my way back to my mother's place i took a rickshaw and the puller was a skinny young man who asked for a fair less than i expected. i noticed that he was a bit wobbly on the seat because his feet hardly reached the pedals. my thoughts bounced between the moon which was nearly full--an oddity one week after the eid when it was a new moon--and the poor hard working people in the country.

this guy i saw after a long time was talking about an opportunity in malaysia that they would like to hire 300k bangladeshi workers in a 10 year contract. for this, the manpower minister of bangladesh has asked for tk.60k for each visa from the contractors. the number 60k x 300k being too large a number, he was offered a lump sum of tk.200 crore (1 crore = 10 million, which makes the number 2 billion taka.) by the contractors which was later increased to 5b. it turns out, while this offer was standing, the indian counter intelligence r.a.w. made an offer to the minister of tk.10b to cancel the whole project so malaysia would then have to hire the workers from india at a higher rate. 

it is to be understood that this amount is too large for a person to swallow by himself. the lion's share would go to the prime minister and the rest being divided among the cronies of the awami league. 

now there's this ghost protocol about the awami league that it is the party of the cultured and the educated folks in the country while the other primary one, b.n.p., is run by the uncouth. consequently, far more damage is done to the country through this sophisticated cabal of charlatans especially due to their great entender with r.a.w.

interestingly, the "dispopularity" of the awami league has peaked the level where there is no longer any possibility of a second term, and hence, there is a mad rush to start the big padma-bridge project. ironically, the corrupt world bank had recently turned down a loan on this project on grounds of corruption within the government of bangladesh which is currently run by the awami league. the prime minister on tv did not seem the least bit embarrassed by this, instead, she yelled corruption in the world bank!

what i have reported so far is the daily staple of the local people. the govt screws the people and the people moan and groan on a daily basis. no more, no less. yet nobody has been able to find a way out of this circular hell. yet there is a way. and we are going to make it available to ourselves. let's see.

people who know me knows that i have been taking a lot of heat/hate lately from friends, family, and strangers alike for revealing the truth about extra-terrestrial enslavement, about the extreme corruption within the us govt and their banking system, the dark control of the british queen via the vatican global child-porn trafficking mafia, the revolution and awakening in the usa and elsewhere to remove the satan worshiping elite cabal that controls the various govts, and the comprehensive mind control of the global population via the mainstream media, education systems, suppression of technology, and various religious dogma.

however, quite intelligent friends of mine had confided to me that they don't see the connection between what is happening in other countries and the problems within bangladesh. hmm.

this one particular friend who i am quite fond of tells me straight up: i accept and agree with everything you say except the existence of the aliens. i laugh, telling him that is the main plug right behind your neck. that's the one that must come off before you are truly free from the matrix!

before i address the title of this piece, mental alchemy, i am obliged to mention one more good friend of mine who has been working in the western media (bbc and voa) for over a decade. a couple of years back, when i started to share the hidden knowledge of our reality that nothing in actuality is as it seems and that we have been lied to all our lives, instead of being grateful to me for this great revelation, he blocked me from his facebook on accusation that i had been offending his powerful and hot awami connections! he continues on with his old school, cabal approved "no nonsense" curriculum to this day. sigh.

so anyway, enough of friend bashing on my part! let's get to doing something productive. the word alchemy basically means a process of transforming something very simple into something very precious or valuable, such as turning iron into gold, or water into wine. the same can be done with our minds.

the little rickshaw puller guy i mentioned in the beginning, he rode the rickshaw so skillfully contrary to my expectation that when i got off after about an hour, he was sweating profusely, i gave him 10 taka more. now this guy would probably remain a rickshaw driver for many years because it is a dead end career. it would be impossible for him to get a computer, an online connection, and write a blog about his hard life. i doubt he has got any education at all.

but i on the other hand can. and so i request you, the reader, to find out more about mental alchemy because i want you to avail of this skill. our minds are the most sophisticated tools or gifts that we have. we have been programmed to think that we are very limited as an individual with what we can do with our minds. this is the biggest lie we ever believed. our minds have magnificent powers well beyond our imagination only waiting to be tapped! understanding this fact is the true awakening.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

a synopsis of our current transition


let's talk about the higher self. a thought occurred today that the higher self is in a way everything that is our life. essentially, everything is being facilitated by the higher self, after all, according to the soul plan or the purpose for our being here. by design, our ego is generally ignorant and impervious to our higher self, and consequently, likes to dictate the state of being in our third density reality on earth. therefore, one of our subtler goals of this lifetime is to manage the dichotomy of ego and the soul. 

think for a moment if there was no manipulation by the pranksters at all, what would we do? the same thing: eat drink and be merry! no? it is no coincidence that because of our ignorance created by the secrecy of the manipulators, most of us in one way or another proceeded to do just that: be happy. and then we ran into some issues of freedom. we thought we were being faced with natural obstacles but it turns out that we were not, that our miseries were being perpetrated and perpetuated deliberately and artificially by a clandestine group of dark controllers.

so the higher self is not a human being, let's be very clear. it's a higher state of awareness and being. think of swimming in water and walking on land; two distinct ways of being and behavior, but it is the same me operating in two ways. same is true for the higher self and i; same me, only in two different states of being. so if i am tired of swimming, naturally i would be looking for land which is my natural habitat. same situation with the higher self where i am more at home. however, there is a reason why i decided to get into the water, or why i chose to experience this reality on earth. once i have fulfilled my purpose for being here, i can possibly go back to land or my natural state of being as the higher self.

and it took us a while to figure out this much. but then, one may extend the idea one step further and ask, so is that it? higher self and me, only two states are all there is? hm, good question, eh? and the answer is no. but who is telling me all this? right now? myself. i am all there is after all. you who is reading? oh yes, you are certainly i. everything is one. it is kind of simple this way. but understand that this is just one way of looking at things, not necessarily the only way. we are at the same time one and the same, and also separate and not the same. what fun.

today i decided to give your religion a break. keep your religion the way it is, be it real or fake, let it be none of my concern. i know the kind of comfort and good feeling that is generated when one performs a religious rite on faith. so i am going to leave it alone because at this time what is more important is not one's religion but one's ethics. and i will explain why. 

we have been using the term "waking up" that is naturally being questioned by people as to what exactly it entails? there are several levels of it. one aspect of it is the realization that we as humanity are essentially slaves because we are paying for everything on this planet including the land we are born on. so we wake up to the fact that our govt, law, corporations, education, science, sports, media, everything is setup in such a manner that they keep us trapped in an artificial reality which is essentially a cage for humanity where we are being farmed and feasted on. 

another layer of awakening is the realization that there are off-world alien species on our planet who keep themselves hidden from the general public (even though our govts know and deal with them secretly) who control our govts and power centers to control the whole planet. whereas, a third layer of awakening has to do with knowing the self. knowing what i have stated at the beginning of this writing, which is essentially the understanding that we are immortal spiritual beings who are having a limited, mortal human experience in this reality.

the most important term for us to know and focus on at this time is ascension. it simply means getting up and out of the water onto the land, or in our case, escaping out of the three dimensional reality that we are seemingly "trapped in" and reverting back to our natural state of multidimensional existence with full awareness and memory of every single state or aspect of our existence at the same time. and this is what we are getting tremendous help with.

mother earth, who is a sentient being called gaia, is ascending to the fifth density along with all beings that exist upon her. this ascension is connected with the year 2012 because it is a natural cycle of evolution for us. however, what happened in the past two times of this cycle end was that our human civilization was destroyed by the off world manipulators so we could not evolve to the higher dimension. this time around however, the whole universe is on our side protecting us from every possible point of failure because one: we very highly deserve this, and two: because other planets and species' lives depend on our performance. everything being one, one thing in the universe affects another.

now let's understand this very clearly: in order to ascend, we need a lot of assistance from the galactic beings who can guide us through the process which is the normal way of things with ascension. however, in order for them to work with us directly, we must remove the control of the dark cabal who is currently preventing and hiding the presence of the galactic beings who are here to help us. the dark cabal will be removed when their corrupt banking system which is already crumbling to fall will actually crash and get replaced by a fair, gold backed currency banking system which is already stand by with over 140 nations subscribing to it.

and this is where our ethics and oneness must play a key role.

people from every single nation must come together with the understanding of what is going on with the ascension of the planet and humanity. we must understand that we are all going to ascend together and therefore we must seamlessly and nonviolently change over to the new banking system by every nation cooperating with one another in a kindly and friendly manner. this is the big challenge we are facing today.

understanding this overall scenario is what awakening generally means at this time. it is a broad picture to wrap our heads around but it can certainly be done and what's more, people need a lot of help understanding this because nowhere this can be found clearly and concisely explained so everyone can easily read and be on the same page. it could have been very easily done by the mainstream media had it not been under strict control of the dark forces. 

so there you have it. now a recommendation is being made for everyone to connect with their higher selves by going within through meditation. just spending some quiet time in nature will do just as good a job. please understand that each day many new energetic portals are being opened which essentially assist in raising the vibration of our consciousness which translates into us understanding more and more about ourselves and our environment. all we need to do is pay attention to the subtle changes that are taking place in our body, mind, and environment and we will intuitively know what is going on.

one last thing, it is important to improve our personal ethics and be of service to others as much as we can. this is a precondition to ascension. accessing higher vibration also means dropping the lower i.e. unethical practices. as our personal vibration increases, we automatically begin to see the wrongs that are being done to mother gaia; we become sensitive and aware of things that we were not before. this is a natural upgrade that is occurring among us. do take the time to see the improvements that either already has or will soon occur within your consciousness.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

stupidity hypothesis

please note: this piece of writing is a repost from my facebook status messages written a few weeks back. it has a bit of paranoid feel and due to the energy work being done on our planet, the situation stated below is most likely changing fast. yet it maybe of value for people to be aware of and ponder.

while humans are naturally supposed to be extremely intelligent, our consciousness and reality have been hijacked in such a manner that we are perfectly clueless as to who we are and what we are doing. we are dealing with--on a daily basis--an extremely "stupid" humanity in general that has been subjected to a vicious, extreme, and comprehensive mind control by entities unknown to us.

the three dimensional reality we see when we look out our windows or balconies, is not at all real, or perceptually extremely limited. the people that we live and interact with are mostly clones or dummified humans with a level of intelligence that is far below a natural average human intellect. every single person on the planet is dynamically being manipulated according to their level of consciousness and evolution in such a manner that they never cross a certain threshold. each person is under constant surveillance so that anyone crossing the threshold is immediately put under massive technological psychosexual attacks until the person is back at a safe subhuman level of intelligence.

we have been dumbed down to believe that writing facebook statuses, creatiing facebook groups, putting up blogsites, doing google searches, reading the wikipedia, etc. are sufficiently intelligent activity for a person other than the inanity he/she performs in order to pay the utility bills and also pay for the cheap (yet expensive) and unintelligent entertainments he/she might be brainwashed into pursuing.

the only reason the internet has been allowed to the public is because it keeps the general population busy with nonsense. most people use it for pornography, games, cute photos, funny photos, jokes, pictures of beautiful places and beautiful women, wise quotes, family photos, travel photos. borrowed artworks, short videos, as well as shallow, negative, and meaningless news articles. everything we do has "just plain stupid" written all over the place.

the cell phones and laptops that we use for communication and networking purposefully emit frequencies that make us more stupid and sick with time. not to mention these devices are equipped with spying technology that constantly transmit personal and private information to clandestine databases for future consumerism and control. every single person on the planet is being tracked at every moment as much as possible and the reign only gets tighter with the invention of new technology.

all in all, we have been dumbed down to an extent that we can never get along with one another with enough degree of love so not to feel extreme isolation and alienation. we do not trust one another, hardly relate to what we do, and nobody ever resonate sufficiently enough with someone other's idea. if a person would like to unite others to work together, nobody ever connects with the idea sufficiently enough to make it a success unless the idea itself is dumb enough to cause energy drainage or inane entertainment. bad ideas are actually picked up possibly by the artificial intelligence technology and propagated among the people with mass publicity and strong financial support.

understandably, what i share here is an idea that is not to be allowed to register in the public mind and measures will be taken immediately to nullify it. also, it is clearly expected that majority of the people will not read this message past the first one or two paragraphs due to their low intellect, and those who will read it to the end will most likely be offended by what is written here and will not be able to discern its validity or importance, hence reject the whole material.

on the other hand, those with their minds somewhat intact will consider my message to be of importance and value. i request these folks to think this through especially in context of the alien agenda. we have quite clear ideas regarding the manipulation and atrocity of our govts and banks, however, we are yet to fully understand how the alien agenda wraps around and directs these human minions in order to exploit us.

i feel the that alien/govt/banker manipulation is far worse in intensity and scope than most of us ever realize. this only explains why we are still fighting battles that should have already been won by the turn of the century, and yet, looking at our external reality we hardly see any real sign of freedom or progress.

please feel free to share your thoughts.

a quietly time

    on a midsummer noon
    chewing gum man
    was crossing the hair bridge

while on the phone with me, reza was talking to his plumber because rats have eaten thru his waterline. we just finished talking about the libor scandal (london inter bank offered rate) in the us and uk. turns out, being a banker himself, he didn't know about the scandal and that the big banks were being sued all over the place. it was kind of in the middle of my telling him the story of the rothschild cabal swindling all the gold from china, india, and bengal during ww2 when he inadvertently disconnected. before that he did mention that china was strong enough to back a global currency because they had much of the world's iron and steel, too. good point, i thought.

china's gold backed currency

reza mentioned that the ceramic industry that was primarily selling to spain was already down 40% and the dollar was artificially being held at a high rate in order to save the garments industry. most of the country's earnings through tax, vat, stock market, remittance, and garments was being swallowed by the billions by awami political leaders which will only partially relent if they somehow find a way to stay in power another term which is unlikely. 

the fact that the people are dubious is a catch 22 because doubt is a form of fear. so if we are in doubt, that's exactly where the cabal wants us to be. but on the other hand, if we are optimistic, we run the risk of being da fool because after all, nothing good has ever happened in our lives, ever. consequently, people don't trust the st. germain fund, they don't trust that the white dragons are truly humanitarian, or anyone for that matter. they think this is the big chance for the russians, indians, chinese, and japs to finally over-trump the west and turn the tables. at least, this is what the cabal would like you to believe. however, this is not likely.

for me it was david wilcock among others that made it very obvious that the statue of liberty was actually a statue of isis, a female aspect of lucifer aka satan. the eiffel tower is nothing but a large obelisk, lucifer's lund (linga, phallus). the statue of david is in actuality apollo i.e. lucifer, and so on. these symbols are hidden in plain sight for the laugh, that the sleeping masses have no idea what is really what while everything is staring us in the face for thousands of years. so wake up kiddos, it's time to grow up a bit. it is the rothschilds and rockefellers all over the place with their draco-reptilian overlords worshiping yahweh or satan, we don't know exactly but it's not something good.

let the arcelormittal orbit at the london olympics be the final symbol of grotesqueness of the whole satanic-draco-rothschild global fascism that is about to be dismantled very soon.

most people are pissed off at obama, greg giles, and drake kent. and this is a strange aspect of the human mind, thanks to the hi-tech mind cotrol of the cabal. how about we assume tolec is right about the andromedans destroying the underground and undersea transmitters that broadcasted low frequencies to keep the people agitated and fearbound? honestly speaking, a few assumptions are necessary to keep our sanity, or else it would be impossible to deal with the madness of our situation that is still being revealed. the galactics had warned us: you will be angry, when you find out the extent of fornication against you by the cabal.

the muslims in my country are plain old anti-jew and anti-israel (they are not familiar with the term anti-semitic) but think about it, even if you are a jew, you still have been circumcised to have lost a good, major part of your sexual pleasure. so there's someone else conspiring against the jews too, cleverer than them, and more powerful. and you have been da fool to accept the notion that the foreskin causes any kind of hygiene issues whatsoever, it is a blatant lie. go double-check.

so what about the chewing gum man? that's an old "poem" that i wrote. as a kid i used to spend hours on making chewing gum figurines with spit. i say it is the cabal now making a mess on the hair bridge on a hot summer day.

i had lunch in the middle of my writing and i usually catch a bit of tv when i eat. a couple of minutes of bbc and cnn showed the the wtc shooting, a bit of assange with the helicopter shooting video (which surprised me), and then back to osama and the muslims.

there's a good amount of awakening taking place in the usa right now, and a good amount of energy work being done by the stellar beings. the reason the world govts had worked so hard to keep secret the existence of the extradimensional off world beings is because they knew very clearly that the knowledge of the galactic beings would immediately result in the end of world religions, which in turn would end their false control over humanity. excitingly enough, this is exactly what is taking place now. the cat is out of the bag. it is now only a question of how fast the masses catch up with this.

a good article has appeared in the 'veterans today' webpage recently showing israel's role in the 9/11 incident: "9/11 and zion" (click to read) which may be enlightening for some folks.

the last thought i would like to leave people with is regarding the idea of 'shiirk' in islam. islam makes a really big deal with the one god and nothing is worse in islam than shiirk which is asking help from anyone else but allah. contrarily, our galactic channeled messages are telling us that there are many beings who are so powerful that we would think them to be godlike if we met them in person. however, they are not claiming to be our gods, only caretakers, mentors, and sometimes playing the role of guardians since humanity is still taking baby steps as far as galactic communities are concerned.

personally i clearly know that these are very difficult truths for the muslims to accept and most people will not believe a word of it until an official disclosure is made. fortunately, there seems to be some word of hope coming from dr. steven greer who is evidently making a new film which is expected to finally give the issue a closure. here's the message from "dr. steven greer" (click to read).

peace and love.

Friday, August 24, 2012

prem - bangla poem

kagoj ar kali - bangla poem

ferry te - bangla poem

tobu icchha - bangla poem

kangal - bangla poem

prottasha - bangla poem

ovimani - bangla poem

bondhu - bangla poem

thikana - bangla poem

ostittohin - bangla poem

ochena - bangla poem

kaguje bagh - bangla poem

bang bang

achol pata (lyrics & chords) song by noyon raja

kath thokra (lyrics and chords)

biswas (bangla song)

religion bad

well, well, well, how is everybody? there was this eid thingy with muslims after a month of fasting, and the trancy haze and daze that people's mind suffer/enjoy during this period, with all the gift giving, reuniting with friends and family, carrying crispy fresh large bills (some of it counterfeit), and especially the wonderfully quiet and empty streets of the crowdiest city in the world, how ca
n we complain about this ceremonial islamic christmas in the eastern front? this is probably not a good time to educate people that islam, just like its counterparts such as christianity and whatnot, is a fake and false religion, to be discarded fully and completely because once we do that, humanity will reach a state that will be happier than eid or christmas every single day of our lives. would that be too much? perhaps.

it is true, we are all tired of the conspiracy theories and we need to get back to doing better and more fun things. though not a muslim any longer, i had a blast of a night making two demo songs with an old buddy, pulling an all nighter, smoking up the skies (attn: creepy friends and family members reading my "blog" and snitching around, you need to smoke up from time to time in order dilute some of the darkness within, it would make you a better person). i went to soundcloud hoping to share the demos here, but looks like the free version of it has been sabotaged not to work any longer. the upload is failing between 1% and 35.

so anyway, there's a horrible downside to drugs and our galactic friend from sirius, namely salusa, has once again reprimanded us for not having sufficient self control against addiction because after all, the drugs ultimately lower our general vibration which is not a good thing, especially at this critical time before our planetary ascension. it is imperative that we keep our vibration as high as possible. and yet, we are only human folks, i mean, we are only pretending to be human in this specific dimension/density. in actuality, we are not the weak helpless, victimized poor souls we believe ourselves to be, it is just one adventure that we have concentrated on maybe a bit too much.

everyone must clearly understand that even if you do not use drugs, your body is still poisoned by pharmaceutical medication such as paracetamol (tylenol) or ibuprofen among many others, courtesy of the evil cabal who owns the drug companies. you are constantly being poisoned by the water you drink, the genetically modified food you eat, the overpriced bottled or canned drinks you imbibe, the chemtrail reeking air that you breathe, your toothpaste, your light bulbs, tv, computer, cellphone, etc. etc. etc. like drake said in a recent interview with alfred webre, "you're zapped" a few times over everyday of your life so you never have any energy left to think past your money, religion, and at best a hobby or two.

if you ever get a breather in terms of your earning, immediately the cost of living goes up (needless to say artificially). such is the extent of control and manipulation imposed upon you. you are important to the cabal, make no mistake. so important, that they would like to reduce your (our) numbers from 7b to 500m. this is their ideal number of slaves for the best level of control and return on investment (roi), coutesy: project blue beam (a cia disinfo campaign).

again, i repeat much of these things annoyingly too often so they eventually make a subconscious impression on those reading because at the conscious level, many are not registering what they read. how do i know this? easy, by looking at the lack of change in the external reality. when enough of us awaken to a visible degree, which will be soon, though--we can already sense it--the real fun will begin. so even though i hardly get a like or two with my writings here, still i write on faith, and besides, you can see how much fun i am having with this. this is what freedom is all about. i put my love into my writing the way i like it. i am the master of this little domain possibly because i have no expectation. it's just one of my gifts. thank you.

that was possibly a bit too much me factor in the above paragraph, but then again, it is alright once in a while. everything begins with the self after all but sometimes we misunderstand this concept and think that we are supposed to put others before ourselves. that is not a wrong concept, in fact, service-to-others is the THE way being promoted by our light friends, but still, i feel that it is the second stage of our development. in the eastern culture, the humility and politeness is often excessive and we tend to make disparaging remarks about ourselves thinking it is appropriate while it is not.

i have been rightly accused of writing tirades and diatribes in offensive and abusive language. i have been ostracized, marooned, and vindicated for my lack of patience and emotional maturity. but still, if you persist, you grow. that's just how it is. so i will tell you once more before i end this particular babble, tell you because it is important and i want you folks to think this deeply that your religion is a faker. it is given to you by those who you love, those you trust, but that is why it goes into your blind spot. you never question its validity strongly enough. you take it for granted. you think it cannot hurt. but it does hurt. it is hurting you more than most of you realize. it is stopping you from reaching your next level. in many ways your religion is stunting your spiritual progress.

let here be light

is it a crime not to protest a crime? the answer is yes, and it essentially makes everyone of us criminals of sorts for silently permitting the massive crimes being committed by our politicians, law makers, armed forces, media, and corporations.

while the above statement maybe a slight exaggeration, it is not entirely wrong because the karma created by the crimes committed is

worn by all of us. as sovereign beings, which means "beings with freewill", it is our responsibility to know the extreme value of the freedom we possess, and accordingly, not allowing others to infringe on our freedom is essentially our divine duty. unfortunately, we have collectively failed to perform this duty as the human race, and it is only recently, and only a minority has awakened to this awareness, while the majority is still running amok clueless. this needs to change fast.

it's funny, but even today, even fairly intelligent people pretend to question the existence of aliens, while more than sufficient documentation is available (despite the disinfo) in the public domain to convince anyone beyond any shadow of doubt that not only do alien species exist, but they have made treaties with the govts of various countries, crossbred with humans, and have been actively participating to manipulate the fate of humanity as a whole. moreover, it is now becoming clear that we humans are aliens of sorts ourselves since we originally came from somewhere else as well, a fact that has been hidden from us, along with many others, for a long time.

as many of us know, towards the end of the second world war, in 1943, something very interesting happened with a military/naval experiment known as the philadelphia experiment (another name: the rainbow project) where it is said that the technology invented by nikola tesla were applied on a battleship named uss eldridge in order to attain invisibility. however, the experiment went haywire with human casualties, and an "accidental" time portal was created 40 years into the future (1983), which transported the entire ship and her crew into the future and back with a good amount of drama in between.

now this philadelphia experiment is tied with another experiment called the montauk project where it is said that they were experimenting with a chair that had been taken out of one of the spacecrafts that had crashed at roswell in 1947 which was essentially a mind amplifier. three key people: preston the engineer, duncan the psychic, and albielek the time traveler accomplished many feats with essentially the same technology that uses human psychosexuality to create alternate realities, time portals, teleportation, mind control, telepathy, and manifestation of physical and biological entities (they manifested a 30 foot sasquatch once in an to attempt to stop the research) using duncan's subconscious mind.

while all this was going on working side by side with aliens, the human counterparts failed to understand the deeper alien agenda with the whole experiment. the portals created by the technology were used to bypass the earth quarantine and a large army of highly negative draco-reptilian-greys were downloaded onto earth from far away places which pronounced yet another even more darker era of humanity's enslavement by the aliens.

in other words, while the national security agencies thought they got the dream weapons they wanted, namely, mind control, telepathy, stealth, invisibility, and time travel, in actuality they assisted the aliens to gain further control of humanity on planet earth.

understandably, all this is too science fiction and hollywood for our mind controlled, fake religion abiding, money worshiping, mainstream swallowing, brainwashed populace to take seriously. they neither verify nor accept the truth. hopefully the extreme focusing of light from the galactic allies will soon crack the thick crust of ignorance that we are indulging in. humanity is expected to awaken to its multidimensional awareness by or before the end of this year. so be it. let the rothschild cabal fade into oblivion along with the rest of the oligarchic minions.

counting daisies in the galactic land of light

it's been a while that i have been writing status messages on facebook, and it so happens that in retrospect they always lack the luster, the height i seek, yet there's a sense of escape for me in these words, and i am always grateful for the movement that takes place. it's truly a miracle that some person i might hardly know would care enough to take the time to read the words and resonate with the emotions. it takes away one's loneliness. there is that clear feeling that there exist those who can forgive my flaws and my shortcomings, and find something of value in my pains and lessons. that sense of understanding and forgiveness is highly precious and comforting.

it took me a lifetime of struggle to realize that each individual is infinitely different and unique in their thoughts and consciousness, but most people don't know this. we tend to expect others to be more or less photocopies of ourselves. most people are thoroughly insensitive when they quite directly and rudely ask people to "get in line" with them and when they do this, they are not aware of what they are doing.

but i am not here to write how insensitive most people are, even though that is exactly what is on my mind. possibly there is that balanced state of mind where you can at the same time be yourself and still jibe with what is expected of you by others, no problem. but i have always flunked that test myself. chastised, i would resort to writing words, and that has been a long standing pattern.

a friend of mine just passed away and it makes me realize that i have entered that specific age group. this particular fellow was popular with the ladies and men. he was a good looking, good, funny company. and i intend to communicate with him. i have a few questions to ask regarding his ascension.

as a writer one must feel the regard for one's reader, i am being told. give as many gifts as you can because these words are all you have. so what i will do is tell you about oneness the way i have been rehearsing in my sleep last night. here's how i thought about it:

just as i was about to write on oneness, someone came over almost as an omen. all of my concentration and energy dispersed as my mind entered a kind of emptiness. my mother, the maid, myself, and our maiden guest - the four of us created a highly chaotic and disjoint field of energy that made me painfully aware of the madness of a reality that we all exist in at all times. the withholding of love, the absence of care, compassion, and understanding for one another amplified into a suffocation. i got dressed and saw my guest off to the street because my mother refused to treat her for lunch.

there is a kind of oneness between the oligarchy of the cabal and their slaves; they essentially believe in the same selfish paradigm, only the slaves die hoping to become a master someday which hardly ever happens. though a good amount of ill gotten wealth often give the slaves a false sense of triumph and freedom that the other slaves die dreaming of. hence the talk of breaking the matrix of greed does not make much sense to this group. they don't see any reason for the existence of aliens, angels, archangels, faeries, galactics, extradimensional light beings, or ufos. to them these things belong to the domain of the drug abusing crackpots.

the money based hierarchical, master-slave cabalic matrix goes hand in hand with the false religions that are designed to create a separation between the slaves and the source which is the prime creator. essentially, these religions distract the people from their multidimensional aspect. detached from source and one another, the slaves essentially plunge into a relentless, loveless rat race of competition against one another which feeds the master-slave matrix of fear based duality creating an inescapable trap for everyone.

what is stated above is crystal clear to the awakened ones; to others, it's cryptic mumbo jumbo. how these two groups will eventually merge, would probably be a sight to behold.

who's dumb

before facebook i have been in myspce, hi5, yahoo groups, yahoo chatrooms, whatever else existed before that, the alt newsgroups from the old linux days etc. ... and so it's a been a journey. we have now switched over to ipv6 from 4 means diddly to people but we are well tracked by the govt just like we were well tracked by the fbi when the remote controlled planes hit the twin towers and particle beam weaponry or some such thing was detonated to pulverize the towers.

some people just don't have the brainpower to read anything even mildly intelligent, believe me, this is not ego. i see example of this everywhere i go, people focusing on dumb shit. ever since my third eye got a little bit of wind, i have lost connection with the people that i thought were just like myself, but now they seem to be utterly offline, never ever making any connection unless i make an effort to dumb myself down to make a conversation at their level which is so boring it is nearly impossible to stay there.

however, whenever i bring this dumbness--for the lack of a stronger term--into my writing, sparks of offense flare. strangely enough, dumb as they are, these people are very keen on protesting their being insulted, and insulted they feel with just about anything, without ever mending their ways. taking offense they understand acutely well, but no intelligent conversation is possible with these people imprisoned inside of a strange vibration that is inexplicable to me.

so yeah, this is an enigmatic part within me that i fail to beat any sense into. people don't know anything, and they are not interested in anything other than knowing tidbits of hindi films. and i tried to watch these hindi films; most of them are absolutely retarded with extremely poor acting, pathetic sense of humor, vulgar clothing and gestures, moronic unarmed battles, unnecessary songs and dances, and ridiculously stretched stories that would have been good for a ten minute skit at best, if properly done.

the west is immune from this though, but has other similar problems covered in slightly better clothing. in any case, in practicing my non-judgment, i figure i might as well call a spade a spade. the people around me are acting stupid, egotistical, and ignorant to an extent that is intolerable and inexcusable. this will not do. you see, i am not pointing fingers at anybody, but if my writing irks you, then you are the subject of my attention. i want you to feel a slight embarrassment. it is necessary for you to grow.

but if my writing makes you laugh, then you are okay. you understand where i am coming from. and i don't have much to explain to you. we understand each other well and clear.

my new york

by Neel Akash on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 12:48pm ·
new york was so ruthless to me that i cried. i cried in mexico too, bawled like a baby at a bar in oaxaca, i felt betrayed by life but truly it was i who was betraying someone.

it was my first job at 'high fashion' a fabric warehouse down at the canal street, manhattan. there were two kinds of people there: mostly colored in the back end warehouse, and mostly whites in the front where customers visited. the distinction in clothing was drastic between the two classes but hardly any clash.

my boss eliot was a sharp jewish man who i called mr. eliot and it used to bother me in the later period but i could never change the habit. he liked me because i could never sit still or chat away. i'd always be doing something. but i would never do any overtime or weekends.

naturally the team would make fun of me in the kitchen for me being "fresh" and all. things got much worse after they found out i was still a virgin. my days slowly began to go downhill and interestingly, physically i was also going downhill but not in a health related way or anything, except i was a bit traumatized, in retrospect, but i was sent downhill to work in the basement at first, and then from there into the sub-basement.

now this was a quiet, medium-lit, rat infested place where nobody hardly every came down to. it was like that movie "office hour" or something where this one guy kept getting demoted to a worse dept. because he would never demand anything, and ended up in a dumpy corner in the basement, it was exactly like that, except i wasn't stuck in a corner, the whole floor at large was my domain, since nobody else was there.

a little gross, but i was really sent to the sub-basement because for some strange reason i started to have gas and i would smell up whatever corner they were sending me to. so they gave me a deodorant as a christmas gift, laughed over it, and decided to keep me busy in the sub-basement.

i was relieved. it was a big place full of wheeled racks and stuff with old fabric samples hanging from them. i didn't have much to do and i welcomed the respite from the abuse. i think i used to fall asleep down there  from time to time but then something really unexpected happened.

i found a bunch of old cartons full of books in the back. they were mostly old classics, hemingway, kafka, camus, mark twain, et al. i began to read. and then i began to steal, one or two at a time, in my pockets.

and this is the initial phase of my new york story. it's a great city full of the coolest people. it's a gift to live there.

cat got tongue

by Neel Akash on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 1:26pm ·

it's too late i realize
how to make this wrong right
i been the fool, i been so blind
my head is down in sodden eyes

i did the talk, i did the run
huffed and puffed in rain or sun
now at last i come undone
fishing for a compromise

all night talking in my head
a wrong i did or a hundred
my eyes are red my heart is shred
crack me open i empathize

words don't come cat got my tongue
feeling dumb like an orangutan
save the sorry the damage is done
no mask can save me nor disguise

should have written prose

by Neel Akash on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 1:23pm ·

who it is i might have been supposed to be?
what trade, folly, familiar proximity?
the days and nights that came and went away
years and decades turn my hair gray

i tread on this or bumped into that
fumbled here, fidgety feigned farce
dribble, treble, scrabble dabbled done
bitter quitter, littered with curse

unfocused, all priorities shot
a stuttering jazzist, a duck among the hen
flop movies, a badly written plot
sloppy fluff, a malfunctioning pen

sidereal, passed over and meek
seeking assurance in the eyes of all
late riser, i like to call in sick
easily swayed, eyes never on the ball

discipline, the middle name i never had
yet infatuation came quietly close
responsibility a long word to spell
not a poem, i should have written prose

waiting for you

by Neel Akash on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 12:32am ·
once again, i am waiting for you
in the quiet of this late hour
on a slow wither
of roses in a vase
like that i am waiting for you

it's not so much your coming
or your going away
subtle scent of your body
your thoughts
it can be anything
yet nothing particular comes to mind
just waiting for you

everything i have done
everything i do
all that attention and devotion
suddenly seems not so important after all
and this pause
this reflection
a monologue in the head
and then a kind of pain
a kind of guilt

but this waiting
it's very real
you have been very real
but i
like in a hypnosis
like in a dream
a quick succession of events take place
things happen quickly
and you can almost predict
my waiting for you

this state of waiting
there's no outcome of it
it just happens
this feeling of waiting
nothing will happen now
this is not a time for doing
not a time for being
not even anticipation
just a flattened feeling
a kind of slowness
a preparation
or none of it at all
but only waiting for you

time stops on the river

by Neel Akash on Monday, February 20, 2012 at 11:20am ·
she and the river took me in
and held me there
melting in the cool warmth of her cleavage
between the mountain banks

the boat shied past the bathing ladies
primitive and real as an oar
the boatman sitting silent
and the boys wading in the middle of the river
now shallow and dark

these boats, there's something about them
they sweep in silence like time
take you places from here to there
and it's still the same banks
the same plants and hills and a few quiet people

the shift takes place beneath the mind
a subtle change only detectable afterwards
in remembrance of the wind that was missed
the sky forgotten in the depths of silence

yet another bend in the river
and you want to see past this next bend
the mystery awaiting you there
the silent sweetness of the water
carries you on into the glimpse
of a paradise lost

the soul of a boatman rows on
he rows slow and without concern it seems
the boat reaches near the bank
stops by the sandy mud
she gets off into the peanut plants

put your finger by the root, he instructs her
and there it is, her big smile
holding up sand covered peanuts in her hand
don't pull the plants, he says
people will say things

a few more bends and we slowly turn
big waves from a passenger cruiser
they look at us and we at them
many of them sitting close
here it is just the three of us

the return is always a bit quicker
with a subtle wish to stay longer but
the inevitable pull of the hubbub
the familiar nonsense brings us back
to the smallness of our ways

somewhere in between something and nothing

by Neel Akash on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 11:30pm ·
the old habit of getting unnecessarily apologetic
gets annoying at the onset, but let's move on
this is more of a mood or aberration
something to be dealt with
under pressure
and here goes

there's no understanding or a plan of any kind
the freedom of a blank slate universe
let your dreams roll
and as usual
nothing particular
comes out

except there are so many different feelings
yet unnamed or communicated
where do they come from?
who experiences them?
and why?

it's almost like the pain of a flower
for the arrogance of its aroma
the attention, the poetry
the beauty that is external
that communication with the eye
the bee, the butterfly

in between continuation and the end
the absence of a definition
a kind of plasmic mystery
let it remain
even after the end

the mutant

by Neel Akash on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 11:20pm ·
may be i shouldn't be hoping for a poem after all
instead let it be some other animal, a mutant of some kind
after all, it's very alive and nearly kicking

so come on out boys and gals
get comfortable, the floor is yours
let me watch you ooze and do
whatever it is you want to do
just leave me alone afterwards
so i could sleep or something

and it's been like this with these guys
they push me around, make a zone
in my head, and i run out of words
trying to explain

but don't get me wrong
i love you guys, you give me
an outlet to this cage
and it's better than staring

but sometimes it's a little more
difficult than that too
and the fever remains
for the lack of a better word
like a fleeting target
i miss and i miss
and i miss again

so then i keep on trying
for that magnificent unknown
something worth its salt
that unspeakable target
the lack of destiny
the equidistant achievements
that remain untrodden

how about a tail for the mutant?
make it long and puffy

the request

by Neel Akash on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 11:06pm ·
for once, allow me to say
i am surrounded by idiots
allow me to say it without recrimination
i have this desire to sin
this desire to sing out
to scream out
i am surrounded by idiots

and get away with it without anyone
looking at me funny or shrugging
even though this is a no no
and whoever it is i am?
not a winner for sure but
would anything really justify
my not being able to say
i am surrounded by idiots?

and what if i am truly surrounded by idiots?
what then? who is to say that i am wrong?
i mean is there someone who is
absolutely positively certain otherwise?

but then, i do realize it's an unfair request
by no means i might have earned the right
or acquired the expected skills or mastery
or just know something to a decent degree
a little bit of originality or imagination

but still, why those prerequisites?
what about this strange feeling in my stomach?
someone must be out there who'd understand
this feeling
this little wish
it's just a few words after all
a little forgiveness in your hearts
for me saying at the top of my voice
i am surrounded by idiots


by Neel Akash on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 10:47pm ·
by god, i have been awfully close to being
nobody particularly interesting, and to think
how hard they claimed i tried to be someone special
but for my mom's sake, she's been so marooned
she hides her disappointments just too darn well

and i get alone, lying down and thinking
very very immature thoughts bounce between
how to start my life and how to end it
and the decades come and go

i gray, my beard, my hair, my mind
is it over yet? will it just drag on like this?
and how do you people deal with that alarm clock?
no i don't find any of you particularly interesting at all

and yet there's words churning in my stomach
words that are for me only, they own me
they make and then they break me
they give me mountains and wings

so let me just fly on back to the mountains
to the river i was yesterday stealing peanuts on the bank
it was the river, the boatman, us, and the banks
it was the bathers and boys wading
it was a sky i forgot to notice

jokhon prothom dhorechhe koli, amar mollikabone (i can't translate that)

by Neel Akash on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 10:32am ·
next to the girl i married i was this morning after an insomniac night, the room was lit on the sixth floor when the nightingale sang and made me think of the king. then later on, i woke up with that song on the title on my mind, and my friend shimul who's been egging me to write in bangla, a big fan of rabindranath thakur, made me realize how many people around us might already be living in the higher dimensions regardless of their appearance.

but i was more occupied with the queen and her deceptions. even the president of the united states is her obedient servant and when we think we buy property we actually take a lease without knowing because as the slaves of the queen, none of us are authorized to own property.

and so that's how it's been, and only about now the truth is slowly seeping in towards the public awareness. the very constitution of the usa is in reality a contract made by criminals to protect themselves against one another and it has nothing to do with protecting the rights of humanity or the public. they just gave it a name to make it sound as if it is so. it's quite hard to believe that we have been fooled so easily.

while my friends in the development sector are enthused to serve the country, i am thinking of the connection between charity and money laundering. and that the bottom of the bucket must be attached first before we start pouring the water, but whose got time to do it right when everyone's so starved?

are the people of bangladesh, paying close to a hundred taka to the dollar, aware that the dollar is fiat? that many countries are now refusing to take the paper money without value from the usa? that incredibly massive changes in the economy are about to burst upon us? that there are oceans of gold on earth which will be distributed evenly among all the people of the world very soon? can we wrap our heads around this?

so let's crack this open my friends. 2012 is the year of the shift and let's adjust our individual minds to this shift because after all, we are making this happen. our govts, our law, our armies, our big corporations, our politics, our economy, our living standards, even the dimension we live in now is on the verge of changing. so let's get our feet wet. let's open our eyes full, let's crack open our hearts, we are upon a new paradigm.

humanity is teetering to join the galactic civilization of which we knew nothing all this time. we have been kept in the dark by the very people we trusted: our govts. but now the veil has thinned and almost gone. we can no longer postpone our awakening.

so if we are interested in serving the public, in creating a sustainable economy for every last person in the country, then we must step back from what we have been doing all along. this is because in light of the truth that has come out, everything is changed. nothing we have been doing boosted us out of being the poorest, the most corrupt country in the world. and this is because we didn't know any better.

we now know that the un, the imf, and other similar monstrosities have been conspiring to sustain our poverty in a systematic manner through a grand deception. it is no longer customary to turn a blind eye to this fact due to our hungry stomachs. this is because we are now going through a planetary awakening where everything unfair, unjust, and deceptive will be no more. it is time for everyone to sign up to this movement.

the grand deception we speak of is in reality much more menacing and overwhelming than what we might suspect in our wildest fantasies. we can summarize by saying that our govts, the banks, the media, the big corporations, our laws, and our education systems have been compromised to create an illusory matrix of fog around us in order for us to be perfectly unable to differentiate between right and wrong.

there's an avalanche of information out there that is staggering and yet we must somehow assimilate it. armed with this new awakening, we become like soldiers in the dark of the night wearing night vision goggles. the whole battlefield takes on a new form because for the first time in our lives, we can see exactly what is it we are fighting.

the nightingale has sung. morning has broken. wake up friends and foes. we are all in this together. we are all one.

don't want me

by Neel Akash on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 7:29am ·
don't call me a coward
because i can no longer ask
or call me a liar because i
see you eye to eye

don't call me a vegetable because i am dead
that i only look now and say things and walk around

don't put to shame, this decrepit
mistaken soul that remains
opening and closing doors

not so haggard when i shave, after all
sit with my back straight for a minute
what have i crossed, thirties, forties, fifties?

call me a lover, instead, 'cause i am still here
a bad boy with truant eyes and shaky fingers
if you could see the colors i dream

heavy and wisdom, yes tired
very very tired, still that blue sea
and a bright windy sky behind gulls and cloud

crisp as a sunshine
you're still new in my mind
timeless and eternal
there's that hidden return

a reincarnation of your eyes
that smile that tangles me around
a bird of prey, far away

don't call me forgotten
these pores
be it cross country or cosmos
they remember or remain

love of a sinner

by Neel Akash on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 6:44am ·
so there i was, over here, shabby and lacking grace etc
there was that invisible trail of
shame, stupidity and just idiotic stuff, embarrassing love affairs
but i am glad that it never finished among
all that wondrous people who wouldn't pick and choose
and just love you as if you really deserved it, oh

i am toxicated and lightened in error
and to see the love, the abstract one
instead of the sexual and that
cheapness about me, the shallowness
and in the meantime, that pretension of
divinity and the cheesy stuff
i tried hard but
i don't know who i am because
if i were god, then why do i still
you know?

i am drowning in love because you
are over there and
i am just so guilty and hypocritical although
it's not what i wanted
i could just

just kiss and kiss and melt away like that
like that long time ago
those young bodies entwined
i wish it would happen again
to me and my mother too
and i want her
to reverse her age and
die on the same day as i

i wanted to stop there
but the flow of you
too many words
too many colors
too many nights

yes i know you know
how i feel
and i know it is all all right
but still these words
these words of love
this hypocrisy
this promiscuity i suffer

against my will
the erroneous blunders
everything i ever done
everything i will ever do
the uncertainty of your presence

yet the blueness
the voice
the wrongs and unforgettables
the memory and smile
this insatiated craving
let it not end

intangible liquid

by Neel Akash on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 8:53pm ·
insignificance, my friends, you allow me
to get away with so much sense or
barking up and sometimes
weeping to yourself and then wiping

heart and eyes they wait and see
you come and go and wanting
what fantasy frequency in your supple breast
luminous primary colors on your dress
precision, custom made
you pass your nights and days

this wanting to come near from afar
what you may call this gift
from where does it bud?
which ways my eyes stray
and then you bring them back

and again you find me here
mumbling to my mind's wanderings
there you find what you hide
down the dark lit staircases and corridors
down past locked chambers
dwindling and getting darker still
moisture spine chill
that little door
you enter

been so long

by Neel Akash on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 12:35am ·
you see i have got to sing this song
sometimes i feel i have been done wrong
i don't know if it's you or me
all i can tell is it's been too long ~

yes i walked up the ladder
i have fallen from grace
gotten blind and asunder
then got back my pace
i have been weak, then i have been strong
but it's just been so long ~

friends and foe i mixed them up all
some of them kept quiet, waiting for my fall
others gently came and held my hand
said look within for your promised land
i said tell me one thing, tell me where i belong
it's been so hard, it's been so long ~

now the time has come, the moment of truth
once again it's time to bite the forbidden fruit
let's forgive one another, together we stand tall
in peace and love we hear the call
open the door, let the light spread among
it's been too dark, it's been too long ~

so i've got to sing this song
maybe it's me who's done wrong
take me in your arms where i belong
it's been so sad, it's been so long ~